The National Council of Churches Singapore (NCCS) has slammed a gay scene in the recent Disney live-action remake of Beauty and Beast as “totally unnecessary”. They say the homosexual scene “signals a marked departure from the original 1991 classic”.

Similarly, the Roman Catholic Church of Singapore has also issued a note telling parents to “discern and reflect with their children on whether the lifestyle is consonant with the teaching of Christ… They must explain the implications and the consequences of such a lifestyle for themselves and society.”

Ahead of the film’s release in Singapore this Thursday, NCCS has issued a letter to its followers, which refers to a character named LeFou, a male character who is in love with the movie’s villain, Gaston.

In the letter, NCCS noted that this is the first time an openly gay character has been introduced in a Disney film and warned Christian leaders to beware of Disney’s attempt to “influence young children and socialize them at an eary age into thinking that the homosexual lifestyle is normal.”

Christian pastors and leaders were told to alert members of their congregations, especially parents, to guide them young children if they view the movie.

“We would like our parents to be aware of this strand in the movie and its possible influence on their children who watch it, however subtle,” NCCS added.

The film, which has been rated “For Adults” in Malaysia and Russia, has been passed with a PG rating by Singapore’s censors, who rated the film for “some intense sequences” depicting moderate violence.

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