A resident got the shock of his life when he was told by his neighbor that police officers in uniform had turned up at his door and asked for personal ID and details.

The netizen, Wong Boon Hoe, wrote on the SPF Facebook page informing the police about 3 officers in uniform who had shown up at his neighbor’s door with a pamphlet. The pamphlet had details about how to react during a terrorist attack. The officers also allegedly asked for his neighbor’s ID and requested to inspect his home.

Following Wong’s post, another netizen, Angie Ho, related that she had officers visit her flat and ask for her details too. She had obediently given her ID card to the officers for their verification, and feared that she had unintentionally exposed herself to a scam.

To this, another netizen replied that the police officers were most likely performing a public education drive to inform the public about anti-terrorism measures. They collect details from the public for emergency purposes.

Responding to Wong’s post, the Singapore Police Force replied that Wong could report his case to the police I-Witness web link and reiterated that members of the public have full right to ask officers to show their ID cards as proof of identity.

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