A PRC prostitute working out of a unit in a condominium was forced to leave and is now facing police investigations, all because of the efforts of a neighbor who wanted to stamp out vice activities in her condominium in Little India.

According to Gloria, the PRC prostitute had moved in on 20 February, but she immediately found her activities suspicious.

“She moved in in the morning. That afternoon, there were strange men who visited her, and after that even more strange men,” Gloria said. The men did not appear to know each other and took the lifts separately to visit the PRC woman’s 2nd storey unit in her 6 story block.

Having gained access to her condo’s CCTV footage, she stalked the camera daily, taking down notes that filled 18 pages about the number of men who visited the PRC woman’s premises in 3 weeks.

She recorded a total of 111 customers in that time period, with as many as 10 customers a day during her busiest periods.

An uncle she spoke to on one occasion admitted that he was waiting for a woman. She also checked social media messaging service WeChat and found the PRC woman’s profile. She had advertised her “professional massage services”. A link to the PRC woman’s website was included, this link advertised her offering sexual services.

Having struck gold, Gloria reported the woman’s activities to the police. She even printed posters explaining what the PRC woman was doing to warn other residents.

The PRC woman moved out of the condominium on Sunday.

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