21 year-old Tan Bing Ren stole 3 100g gold bars worth $13,800 from an 84 year-old retiree that he was assigned to help with a theft case. He received 16 months jail yesterday.

On 24 November, Tan and his colleague were attending to a theft case reported by Madam Tsang. Showing the officers where she kept her money and other valuables in a safe, she alleged that her maid had stolen from her.

When Madam Tjang took out her belongings and placed them on her bed, she placed 4 gold bars near Tan’s file. Tan took this opportunity to slip one into his file while his partner and Madam Tsang were not looking.

He sold the gold bar and repaid a friend $2,000, a sum he had borrowed to settle a bank debt he had taken out after suffering investment losses of $20,000.

A few days later, Tan visited Madam Tsang and advised her to install a CCTV camera in the unit. He ended up stealing 2 more gold bars from her, but was caught after Madam Tsang called the police when she realized 3 of her gold bars were now missing.

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