I refer to your article about my case, https://www.allsingaporestuff.com/article/mentally-ill-ns-man-got-called-mindef-unleashes-his-fury. I wrote asking MINDEF for an explanation for why they took so long to assess my illness and why they called me up for reservist in spite of my illness. Instead, I got so many keyboard warriors blaming me for chao keng.

This is my reply to them:

There are many type of mental illness. TTSH do also have physiology department like IMH.

Please do take note I need to pay for my own medical fees. The consultation is weekdays during normal working hours. I did try my best to earn a living and also slot in time for hospital visit.

I did ask for downgrade initially but seem to drag for a long time, I asked to be posted to another combantant unit. My request was only granted in 2013 after that error call up.

Some remarks “arrow” at my illness and I had “keng”. But those who arrow me, can you explain on what is error call up?

Take a risk to confirm if I had “keng”?

I am not trying to prove to everyone that I am ill. I am trying to get Mindef to explain on what type of help is given to mental ill personnel.

By looking at the some remarks, it must be keng or else why I can write, why I didn’t go IMH. If I am really sick, Mindef will sure let me go.
Thats the reason why I was not downgrade.
Many are trying to pretend to be psychologist and determine my fitness.

I am mentally ill, not crazy or retarded, of course I can still write.

There was No ATT C for me at all.
I did went to IMH, same as what TTSH had diagnoised.

To for those who said many things about mental ill.
1) Mental ill wont admit that he is mental ill. 50/50. He will need to acknowlege that himself is ill or else he wont listen to doctors eat medicine.

2) How can I still write?
There are many type of mental illness.

3) If you are really sick, Mindef, not bodoh sure let you off. Who want keep a time bomb?

Do car accident happen because driver are bodoh?
I heard that my medical file is misplaced. So I am still asking mindef to show me the records that I had submitted

My NS liability is over. I am speaking for those who need help. No point attacking me.

My point is not about mental ill, keng or not.
My point is how mindef help mental ill person. Whoever said mental ill sure must be scold by some fb user as CB, keng…. I knew that will happen to me. I will like to ask, how they define mental ill? Mental ill = CB, Keng? Do we need NS to prove how manly one was? Even some wrestler are diagnoised of mental illness.

Just because mindef didn’t downgrade me earlier means I fake my illness. Could it be that my medical report was misplaced?

Mr A
A.S.S. Contributor

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