A Eurasian woman of Chinese and Caucasian descent, moved to Singapore from her home country Canada recently to further her career in the law industry. However, she has become extremely unnerved and annoyed by the constant attention she keeps getting from men whom she claims are fantasizing about her.

“I feel almost hesitant every time I get on public transport because there’s almost always an uncle – and even some younger guys – who just won’t stop,” said the reader.

She says that she does not appreciate their stares and makes it quite obvious. Sometimes, she takes out her camera and snaps a photo of them staring to get them to desist. Even this desperate measure does not work all the time.

“Nearly everyday I face an uncle who continually gives me an up down, or stares at my face with a blank stare. And I’m so so sick of it. Their expression is so creepy and makes me feel violated at times. I’ve been so disturbed by it then I sometimes will get off public transport and wait for the next train or bus because the uncles face is so unnerving.”

The Canadian says she is always professionally dressed, with loose fitting clothing and long sleeves. She says she never wears short skirts. She also keeps mostly to herself on the train and does not understand why she attracts the attention of these men.

“Some will even turn all the way around in their seat to keep looking at me when I’m seated behind them. I’ve also had quite a few who will smirk at me and move their body suggestively at me. Once, I’ve even had two uncles calling out to me as I was alighting at a bus stop near my home. I find that this is all so disgusting.”

She claims that when she worked in China or in her home country, she never received this form of intrusion.

She wrote: “I find it quite disappointing that Singaporean uncles would behave in a manner worse than in China. Many of the uncles are with their wife or family and the poor wife and kids don’t even notice this behaviour!”

She has this message for Singaporean men.

“Give ladies and everyone around you the basic respect they deserve. It’s natural to look around once in awhile but turning to look repeatedly is a CHOICE. It is also a choice to simply look at someone’s face or to constantly be looking up and down their body as if you’re fantasising about them.”

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