A Pinoy foreign domestic worker uploaded a video on Facebook alleging that her Chinese employer bit and beat her, showing bruises and bite marks on her upper arms in the video as proof.

According to Facebook user Arlene Muyco Hurboda, who uploaded the clip, the maid’s female employer had beat and bitten her this morning. Immediately after that, she brought the maid straight to her employment agency to get her repatriated home.

She was left with no chance to report the incident to the police or to see a doctor. She is currently awaiting her 4AM flight back to the Philippines at Changi Airport with no possibility of seeking remediation.

Arlene says that she posted the video online to seek justice and reprieve for her abused friend. She and her friends are devastated with the turn of events and are seeking help from whomever they can find.

Domestic workers who encounter difficulties or who believe they face injustice are encouraged to call the police or contact the Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics at 1800-7-977-977 (toll free).

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