A netizen submitted a photo of a lorry ferrying a Peugeot car that was almost the same size as the lorry. The lorry was transporting the car along Kaki Bukit Avenue 3 on Sunday when it was spotted by passersby.

According to the netizen, the car was unsteadily and rocking as the lorry moved. Both its front wheels were dangling out of the lorry’s compartment due to the lack of space and it looked like the lorry could overturn at the slightest movement.

Reporters contacted the Singapore Road Safety Council chairman Bernard Tay, who said that this behavior was dangerous and illegal.

“The car on its back looks bigger than the lorry itself. The lorry may suffer from many blind spots. Also, the wheels of the lorry may give way and if it loses the centre of gravity, the car may fall off anytime.”

There are mainly 2 proper ways to tow a lorry, one that requires a large lorry that transports the affected vehicle on it, the other uses the common tow truck which connects to the affected vehicle and moves off with it.

“Using a small lorry like that is against the regulations. The weight of the car was certainly over the limits, and if an accident occurred, the consequences could be severe.”

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