A parent felt shamed and humiliated by her Grab driver when he scolded her son with autism for not behaving like a normal child.

According to netizen Kym, she had booked a Grab driver to ferry her from Buangkok to Ang Mo Kio. When he arrived, she and her son boarded the taxi, but her son tripped over the car’s backseat carpet and caused it to become slanted. Annoyed with the boy, the Grab driver scolded her son and told him strictly to not dirty his car while adjusting the carpet back into place.

Kym apologized to the driver for her son, who has autism and cannot follow simple instructions.

But just when the car started moving off, her son put his legs up on the backseat to remove his shoes, but this earned him another rebuke from the driver, who scolded him for dirtying his seat. He reminded them sternly that his vehicle was for public use and demanded that her son sit properly because “LTA is strict”. She apologized again and told him to let her and her son get off the vehicle if he did not want to ferry them.

He alighted the mother and child only less than a minute after the journey had begun.

Although she was apologetic to the driver and left the full fare for her journey on the car’s mid compartment, she felt aggrieved and upset at the treatment that her son received in spite of his illness.\

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