Political activist Han Hui Hui has received a legal letter from the Singapore Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) informing her that they would commence contempt of court proceedings against her soon.

According to her, the AGC had demanded for Ms Han, who was fined $3,100 last year over the #ReturnOurCPF protest in September 2014, to take down her online postings. In her postings, she insinuated that judges in her trial had lied in order to secure her conviction. The AGC says 6 of such postings by Ms Han are a contempt of court.

The AGC cited Ms Han’s 22 January posting as an example, where Ms Han claimed that she and the other #ReturnOurCPF protesters charged were convicted because the court was “politically persecuting” them.

The AGC says that Han Hui Hui “wrongfully insinuates that the court secured your convictions by deliberately finding fault with you on unimportant issues.

“These are very serious allegations which scandalise our courts. They are scurrilous, false, and made without any rational basis.”

Yesterday, Han Hui Hui wrote that the AGC had written to her to inform her that they would start contempt of court proceedings against her.

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