Local activists are calling on organizers behind Art Zoo, Asia’s largest sustainable lights festival, to cut its donations to a local Christian social welfare group, Focus On The Family Singapore. They argue that an anti-LGBT organization should not be a beneficiary.

They accuse the NGO of being an outshoot of the US-based Focus of the Family, which has been accused of being “homophobic”, “against marriage equality” and of promoting “gay conversion therapy”. Gay conversion therapy is a controversial sexuality education program aimed at converting homosexuals into heterosexuals.

Local homosexual rights activist Leow Yangfa wrote: “In my professional capacity as a registered social worker in Singapore‚Ķ I have personally met staff of FOTF Singapore, and they are just as clear in their anti-LGBT stand as their American counterparts.”

Leow is a social worker and executive director of a counselling centre that works with homosexuals.

Leow added: “We also have counselling clients and other sources who report that the sexuality education programmes they teach in our local schools are misogynistic and homophobic in content. Any support to the organization, in whatever form, is an endorsement of their anti-LGBT/ misogynist stance.”

Art Zoo has clarified that it stands by its decision to include FOTF Singapore as a beneficiary, and noted that many LGBTI were involved with the installation. However, it stated that it would reconsider future relationships with the organization.

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