President Trumps administration has been publicly ridiculed over It’s repatriation policies, this includes persons of legal status who are considered ‘undesirables’

Singapore, considered an iconic example of economic stability, freedom and empathetic humanity, appears to have been repatriating work permit holders for many years for the crime of fraternization with It’s local population, but this has essentially been applied where a Singaporean wants to marry a work permit holder and makes formal application for their partner to remain, or where it can be proven that the work permit holder actually caused the breakup of the Singaporeans marriage.

But few people actually realise that the MOM has recently added a new and what appears to be an unofficial caveat, in that the work permit holders are no longer allowed to form ‘loving relationships’ with Singaporeans who are legally separated, but still married to Singaporean Nationals, It’s now considered ‘something the MOM cannot condone’.

Ramifications include immediate cancellation of the work permit, a seven year ban from re-entering Singapore and the inhumane placement of the persons details on the APAC Regional Movement Alert System, effectively denying visa applications and free movement to other countries. Which is obviously not what the APAC register was intended for, and a final vindictive ‘kick in the teeth’ for these ‘undesirables’.

One also has to assume new legislation will be incorporated to incarcerate Nationals indulging in such morally unacceptable behavior, or as is happening in droves, they leave with the ‘educationally inferior’ undesirable (sic) partners of their choice !

But as a little known fact pursuant to Security Council Resolution 780 such cleansing is categorized as a purposeful policy designed to remove an ethnic group from certain geographic locations to render an area “ethnically homogeneous” and further defined as a ‘crime against humanity’ under the statutes of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

It would also be of interest to know whether the respective countries of these ethnic groups in the main Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, India et al, are aware of the ramifications of their nationals associating with Singaporean partners, when it is considered a deportable offence and so heinous a crime, that the deviants have to be denied re-entry for 7 years and furthermore registered on what is essentially an international Criminals, Human Traffickers, Drug Dealers and Terrorist watch list.

Philip Williams
A.S.S. Contributor

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