At about 6AM on Saturday, 2 men were brutally slashed and attacked with a sharp weapon, which resulted in the death of one of the 2 victims.

According to an eye witness, Ms Daisy, 37, who owns one of the bars in the area, she saw 2 bloodied men staggering away from an attack that happened nearby. One of the men was already on the floor, and the other fell to the ground in pain shortly after. She did not manage to see the culprit.

She said that the incident happened 20 metres away from her club, which was where the men had earlier been drinking.

According to another eye witness, a bar patron named Mr Vicky, he said he saw one of the victims arguing with the club’s security earlier that night. Ms Daisy denies that any such argument took place.

One of the men, 34 year-old Mr Sateesh Kumar, died after he was conveyed to the hospital with stab wounds to his head and back. He was pronounced dead at about 6.45AM.

The other victim suffered injuries to his head and has been warded for treatment.

The police have classified the case as murder and are investigating.

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