Employees and clubgoers at St James, a recreational nightspot near Vivocity, are speaking up about the many fights that have broken out in that area, which houses about 10 clubs in total. These fights often involve broken beer bottles and large objects being thrown.

One waitress who works at a bar in the area says that she witnessed at least 8 violent bar fights in 2 months of working there.

“In my two months there in 2015, I witnessed eight violent fights. They would raise their voices and even whip out Swiss Army knives to threaten each other. They have hurt many people. Most fights start inside and escalate outside.”

A clubgoer, Priya, 19 says that in her 2 visits to Postbar, she has seen 4 fights take place.

She said: “I once saw a man who smashed a bottle inside the club and wanted to harm someone with it. He tried to attack the bouncers too.”

Another regular at Postbar said that he has witnessed 3 fights within the bar, but added that many more fights take place outside. He was once threatened with a butter knife by a fellow patron but the situation was resolved by the bouncers.

Daisy, the owner of Postbar, says that fights do not usually happen in her club, but they tend to escalate outside.

She claims fights happen only once every 3 months.

For the security of her staff and patrons, she hires a team of 7 security men.

“If there’s a fight, (security) would stop and separate the groups, take them out and ensure they settle the issue before they are permitted re-entry. If the quarrel leads to a punch, the person does not get back in, and we call the police.

“After closure, security is stationed inside and outside the club to ensure all intoxicated customers go home safely.”

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