Sigh. What was supposed to be an exciting experience turned very upsetting all thanks to this couple.

A lady in front of me was squatting down and taking a picture of her lil one. I wanted to cross over but I waited for her to be done as the walkway was really very small and crowded. I was holding Bb Z’s hand.

But! This lady who was clearly in a bad mood- Her face said it all. She was so impatient that she pushed her way through, stepped on BB Z’s foot, pushing both my baby and the other lady. The other lady fell forward and Bb Z fell flat on the ground. She saw my Bb was lying on the ground, but instead of helping and being sorry, she just walked away. I called out to her and told her off. She turned ard, looked down at my baby, looked at me, rolled her eyes and walked away.

After checking on Bb Z if he was ok, I went over to her and told her how could she walk away without even making sure if my bb was ok and apologise… she merely raised her brows and said very grimly that she did. She even said, “so what do you want?” I told her that it does not take alot for her to just help after pushing my kid down and apologise for it.

Again, she raised her eyebrows, w a smirk on her face & raised her voice, “I did, so what do you want?” Her husband who was not w her when this happened, whom was busy taking pictures, suddenly intervened and said, ” We did apologise…” Seriously? He was not even there!!

When I told him what the wife did -stepped on a 2 yr old foot, pushed him and made him fall, turned ard, looked at him and walked away… He laughed and the wife then shouted at me, “So what do you want? Do you want me to announce via PA and apologise?”

Geez. Some pple just dont hv the manners. Gosh. How could anyone as big size as her and of the age, just stepped on 2 yr old kid, pushed him down and walked away without feeling sorry? It was clearly intentional. She saw us but she was being impatient and wanted to push her way through. Urgh.

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