A local couple moved into a rental house and caused such a ruckus, their landlord ended up homeless despite countless attempts to reclaim his home.

The 51 year-old landlord works at a supermarket and has lived in his 3 room Hougang flat for over 30 years. To supplement his income, he started renting out his house 10 years ago.

Initially, things went without a problem. But when this local couple moved in on July 2013, all hell broke loose.

Although they paid their rent on time for the first 9 months, they suddenly stopped paying and refused to move out.

“Whenever I ask them for the rent, they would plead with me to let them stay instead. The woman would even kneel. She asked me to give them six months more to find jobs and would then return the money they owe to me.”

The landlord took pity on the couple and agreed, but the issue dragged on and on for 3 years. Eventually, the situation got so bad that the owner had to move out and rent a house from a colleague instead.

“It’s been three years and I had given them many chances, yet they deliberately delay and refuse to move out. My family members worry for my safety and advised me to move out.”

He has lodged a police report and sought various organisations for help but the situation has not been resolved.

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