“Silver Man” aka street busker Roy Payamal got on the wrong side of the law yesterday night when he was arrested by police over a report lodged by a member of public, who accused Mr Payamal of actively soliciting for tips.

Buskers are not allowed to actively solicit for gratuity. Mr Payamal denies breaking any of the regulations.

After his release, Mr Payamal, 53, told reporters that he believed that his naturally loud voice could have led to a misunderstanding. During the confrontation with the police, he had told the male police officer to speak to him in English. The police officer had been speaking to his colleague in Mandarin.

After the incident, Mr Payamal said: “I’m fine. It’s just a misunderstanding. My voice is naturally loud as an entertainer and a rocker but it just sounded to them like I’m shouting.

“I did explain to the officer in the station and she understood me. I was treated very well at the station and so I really appreciated that and thanked them before I left.”

His arrest was circulated and went viral after sales manager Eric Fong shared the incident on Facebook, accusing the police of abusing their authority. He has lodged a complaint about the police officers in relation to this incident.

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