A reader shared that he fell ill after cooking and consuming a packet of minced chicken from NTUC which contained pieces of plastic residue on the chicken.

This incident happened in November 2016.

According to the reader, she had bought the chicken from a NTUC Fairprice supermarket. Although the minced chicken appeared to be normal on inspection, bits and pieces of plastic residue stuck to the chicken upon removal of the plastic layer.

After removing the portions of the chicken with the plastic residue, she cooked the remainder but still fell ill shortly after. Despite launching a complaint against NTUC, the supermarket chain has refused to reimburse her for her medical bills following the incident.

She has since lodged a report with the authorities over this.

Read her account here:

“In Nov 2016, I bought a packet of minced chicken from NTUC & was shocked to see that the label residues on the plastic cover was stuck on part of the chicken! For investigation, I kept the portion of chicken that contained the residues & only cooked the part that did NOT have residues. I fell ill after eating the cooked chicken so I informed NTUC on this but NTUC refused to foot the medical bill that I paid at the hospital after consuming the chicken & denied any error on their part. Authorities were informed accordingly.”

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