In an interview with TODAY, Grad driver Ms Chen Roujie shared that after a 9 months shaky start to being a Grab driver, she now earns a lucrative salary as a full time Grab driver. After deducting car rental, petrol and Grab’s 20% comission, Ms Chen takes home an average of $6,000 monthly.

She achieved this average salary by depending on the generous incentives offered by Grab and driving for about 9 hours everyday. To qualify for the incentives, drivers like Ms Chen has to have a good driver rating, a low cancel rate and a high rate of accepting jobs being broadcast to them.

Despite her high salary from driving with Grab, Ms Chen admitted that it does not guarantee a stable income and despite being sick for a week, she still had to pay rental for her vehicle. However the job has flexibility and she is her own boss, nobody would scold her for being late for work.

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