A video by local social media production house Happy TV has received flak for its controversial portrayal of racist stereotypes in Singapore.

According to a reader, the video was meant to persuade Singaporeans about the nastiness of racial stereotypes, but ended up becoming crass and insensitive instead.

The video starts with a skit involving 2 Chinese boys, who begin the show by asking the question, “What do you call an Indian man who flies an aeroplane?”

As the video progresses, the boys get progressively more racist by joking about stereotypes such as Filipinos’ English pronunciation, Chinese names, Malay intelligence and Indian skin color.

Please see video here and judge:

One netizen wrote: “While the video ends by asking people to ‘Stop Racism’, the problem is people will not get the message if they stop watching the video half way or less. Surely there are better ways to get the racism message across.”

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