To Whom It May Concern,

Hi, yesterday I had a close shave with the lift system yesterday. Me and my two sons was waiting for the lift. When the lift door opened, my older son ran in and I followed in but with my younger son was still outside. The lift closed suddenly on my right hand before I can react. Both the motion sensor of the lift door and the “fail safe” mechanism failed to work and my hand was stuck for a few seconds. I couldn’t retrieve my hands because I was carrying a bag so I was basically stuck. I also couldn’t reach for the lift button because it was at my back. Luckily the lift did not move at all. I quickly asked my older son to press the open door button to open the lift door again. If he hadn’t done so, my hand would have been severed. Yes, this is again a Sigma lift.

I called the lift emergency helpline and informed them about this incident. From their tone, I can sense that to them it’s like any other day. She wasn’t concerned at all.

I wish to bring up a few issues.

One, with recent incidents, it’s apparent that our lift system is not reliable at all. Maybe slightly better then our train system but still considered problematic and pathetic.

Two, I don’t see why we would need to pay more SC&C in order to upgrade our lift systems Island wide. The old lifts never had such issues. We paid for the lifts when we bought the flat. We didn’t get to chose the lift system. We did not sign up for this Sigma hand chopped off lift system.

We are already paying the highest SC&C island wide. Not that we can’t afford it. I am questioning the rationale behind it and why should we be waiting for things to happen and the funds to come in before reacting?

Three, the lift system is made of metal, sensors and electrical systems. This technology has been around since 1880. I find it disturbing that we cannot fix the door or lift issues that we have island wide without changing the entire lift system. This is at the expense of life and limps.

Resident of 588A AMK st 52.

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