A long time performer at Orchard Road was arrested and handcuffed in front of a large public audience over a report of public nuisance at 9.50PM yesterday.

According to eye witness Eric Fong, the performer had been performing for a large crowd in front of Takashimaya. He was approached by 2 police officers, a male and a female, and was handcuffed in front of all the people. Feeling indignant, the performer shouted at the police officers but was told to keep his voice down by the male sergeant.

Eric, who was at the traffic junction near the commotion, also joined the performer and told the police officers to back off. He claimed that the performer was only raising his voice against them because he felt threatened by them. The police officers told Eric that he was obstructing them from doing their duty and warned him that he could be arrested too.

Unhappy at the treatment he received from the police officers, Eric took to Facebook to express his unhappiness and to shame the officers.

While some netizens supported Eric and accused the police officers of abusing their authority, some netizens did not forget one very important detail.

One netizen wrote: “I am a simple man, i saw a hot policewoman .. i press like.”

Another one tagged a friend and wrote: “u also wanna get arrested by that policewoman uh?”

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