At 11:15PM, very close to midnite (Yesterday) on the way home, crossing the overhead bridge near to Zhenghua Primary School, I saw something.

At first i did not bother, i thought was too tired just after watching movie. But there was like something is following me. When i was about to crossover to the other side of the overhead bridge, i can feel something is looking and is like waving and calling at me, so i turn to see the direction at the Blk 113 Pending Road (Bukit Panjang) – at the corridor way.

i saw something moving about on its own, and is like floating. so scary till your hair can stand (hand) if you were to walk alone. I was looking out there is a lady from the opp overhead bridge. She started to run, after what i saw and she saw the same.

I was scare. i did some chanting before i went up because i think it can be either i seeing “the dirty thing”, or like the children/ “the dirty thing” playing with us!

Raven Hew
A.S.S. Contributor

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