In a stunning turn of events, after NS Corporal Mervyn Chain complained in a Straits Times Forum Letter about his failed reservist deferrment costing him a job offer, the Ministry of Defence went on the attack and shamed him as they explained the grounds for rejecting his deferment application.

In essence, MINDEF announced that he was granted deferment on 3 separate occasions but he flouted the terms of the deferment and came back to Singapore for extended periods of time even though he was supposed to be overseas.

Furthermore, Mr Chan also has an outstanding disciplinary offence. Because of the above reasons, MINDEF decided to reject his latest deferment application. Is this a case of crying wolf coming to bite Corporal Mervyn back in the butt?

“We refer to the letter by Mr Mervyn Chan Ping on his unsuccessful deferment request. Mr Chan’s request was rejected because he had abused previously granted deferments based on similar grounds.

The records show that Corporal (NS) Mervyn Chan had applied three times for Exit Permits for work overseas and was granted Exit Permits for all three applications. However, he was subsequently found to have returned to Singapore for an extended period of time, which was not consistent with the terms for which the Exit Permit was granted.

Furthermore, Mr Chan had an unresolved disciplinary offence.”

Mindef does grant deferment for Operationally Ready National Servicemen (NSmen) who need to work and reside overseas for an extended period of time. In assessing these applications, the past history of the NSman and any unresolved disciplinary offences are also appropriately taken into consideration.

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