I refer to your recent bus-advertisements about discrimination against women/ female employees.

I feel that this report may be true to some extent in SGX Listed Boards but this may mislead readers into thinking that women are unfairly discriminated in a typical workplace.

Although the report mentions that women are paid less in public listed companies, it is not true in most typical organisations nowadays.

Already, female students make up slightly over half of our local university intake every year compared to 45% twenty years ago. At the polytechnic level, too, the proportion of female student intake has risen to about 48% in 2007, from just 30% twenty years ago. Female students have excelled in academic areas, equal to and in some areas surpassing their male counterparts. It would be only a matter of time before they become increasingly involved in all spheres of society and decision making. The role of women will rise in Singapore.

Though our modern women have made great strides in society, our local men have face all kinds of obstacles when they started out.

For example, due to the fact that our males have to serve 2 years of national service followed by another 3-4 years of tertiary study after that, most of our men could only consider marriage at the late age of 30-32 years old i.e. if they could find a girl to marry them.

Moreover, the global financial crisis has relegated many engineers and IT professionals to the sidelines and many are now engaging in under-employed vocation such as cab drivers or property agents.

I see them quite often in e2i where most unemployed are men.

If you are a single guy, under employed and in your mid thirties, there is a high chance that you may not ever get hitched.

It is also no open secret that our women folks can land a job easier than men due perhaps to the current high demand in the office-bound banking/financial services.

Most other popular clerical and administrative work also prefer female workers.

When I was working in the recruitment line, one government statutory body even wanted only ladies to work in that department because females are deemed to be meticulous and careful. Males also need to send a few weeks a year due to National Service commitment which makes this an undesirable attribute in a profit oriented organisation.

And if women are unfairly discriminated against, it would mean that the employer is fucked up.

I once work for a SME and that boss not only discriminated against women but also prefers to hire foreigners because they work longer hours.

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