Dear Editors,

On Thursday 2 Mar I registered my Uob credit card on Grab app and as usual there was a charge of $1 which I know is the process to verify if my card is genuine. However when I book the Grab ride, before the cab came, I was charged $13.

I told the driver who confirmed it’s a mistake and ask me to report. Later I reach my destination with a charge of $5.60. But from then on, with many calls and email. They kept saying they did not charge my card $13 then later say will refund me $13 34 and then later $5.60.

I call in few times and even the staff Maya shouted at me saying they had refunded me $7.40 while others say I may have owe them previously. I show them my print screen of the $1 and $13 charges on sms plus my Internet banking charge of $5.60. I request to speak to their manager but they refuse to let me.

I told them I dare not take another Grab ride till they settle this issues. And till now a week later I am still waiting, after dozen of email and calls. Very upset

Mr Chang
A.S.S. Contributor

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