I had previously advertised with adogo for the blackvue camera advertisement.

I had went down to adogo office to paste on the decal sometime towards end of sep. I had met MAX there who I think is a senior mangement personel with adogo. I had asked him if the decal when stick on my car

“Will it hurt the paint Job when taken off?”

He then told me very confidently that the decal or sticker will definitely not hurt my car paint job. From there I trusted him and let you guys pasted the decal on my car.

And so the campaign was for 4 months. Without any cash payout for me just a free camera.

And So the day came for me that I was allowed to take out the decal on my car. And so I went down to your office to take down the decal during early Feb.

When I went there to take down my decal. While the person was taking down the decal I noticed that my paint Job came off. You can see from the pictures that I have attached.

And so I ask the person who is takng my car decal down what is to be done. And so the person called MAX out to talk to me. So I asked him what is to be done.

He said he will ask the management about it. He said that he will try to solve the problem for me by asking the management regarding it if it can be solve by asking the management if able to just ask adogo affilated workshop to just do the paint job for me with adogo paying for my paint job. MAX had told me to look for DYLAN who he said was the campaign manager for the blackvue

MAX had just given my adogo’s office number for me to call. And so I called adogo’s office for the next 1 week but it is either they were saying MAX was not in or he was on leave.

In the end DYLAN got back to me and said he will try to ask the workshop that MAX had given him to call. After which I kept calling adogo office to either look for MAX or DYLAN but each time I called up both of them was not in. Till a point of time when I call up a staff said that MAX is on leave till the following week. And so I called up the Next day to look for MAX again. But was told by the same staff against that he is not in and will be back later in the day.

After which I question the staff and asked her isn’t MAX on leave till next week?

And she said that ya he is on leave. Which let me have the impression that MAX is avoiding me. So I left a Message for DYLAN to call me back.

DYLAN called me back the next day and told me to send him the pictures of my car that is not be done for my paint job. Which I took and sent it over to him. And then after a week I text him and ask him what was the result. He told me that the cost of the paint job will cost like $140-$180. To which i was shock to hear him say that. After which I told him that was not what MAX had told me. After which I told him what MAX had told me which I mention earlier in the email. Which I told DYLAN that either the decal is sub standard or the person taking off my decal is not up to par in taking off decal. After which DYLAN said he will reflect it to the management regarding it and will get back to me regarding the adogo paying for my car paint job.

Today I had gotten a reply from DYLAN regarding it. And he replied that adogo management has rejected my claim for the paint job of my car. Which i feel is being very unfair to me. As I had mention earlier in my email that MAX had claimed that the decal will definitely not hurt my car paint job very loudly when I had went to stick the decal on my car.

A.S.S. Contributor

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