Residents at block 217, Jurong East Street 21 were woken up yesterday morning with a crash after a police car crashed into several other vehicles, including one other police car.

1 male police officer, who appeared to be the driver of the police car, was injured. His female partner was unharmed.

According to a photo taken by an eye witness, 2 police cars, 3 cars and 3 motorcycles were involved in the accident. One of the owners of the cars, a Mitsubishi Lancer, came down and was inconsolable when he saw his car turned into scrap metal.

The force of the crash was so great, it even sent one grey Toyota Wish crashing into the lift shaft of one of the blocks.

Member of Parliament for Yuhua Grace Fu reassured her residents that the damage to the lift shaft was not structural and would not compromise their safety.

Police are investigating.

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