A reader shared this horrifying experience she had with contact lenses bought from a local optometry shop.

According to the reader, she has been wearing the contact lenses from this brand for years. However, she realizes that the lenses have been “tearing” more frequently these days, so she sent a few batches back for investigations.

However, before they could get back to her, she experienced an unimaginable horror: one of her contact lenses tore in her eyes and a small piece of the lens got stuck at the back of her eye! She rushed to the doctor at 11AM and the doctor struggled to remove the piece, which was so deeply embedded that she thought she would have to rush to the A&E.

Thankfully, the skill of the doctor prevailed and the broken lens was retrieved.

The shocking incident happened even though the lens was only 1 day old.

Since then, she has received replacement boxes of the lens but does not dare to use them anymore. Her feedback on the quality of the lenses also appears to have fallen on deaf ears as the local optometry shop and its suppliers are slow to sort out their problems.


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