>>> My fren asked Fatty Paws to give Minnie the BEST treatment and she will pay for it! <<< Lately a fren of mine got a puppy from Fatty Paws, a mini pomeranian . She's so tiny and has such a adorable face, she's simply cuteness overload! My fren named her Minnie.. and to her knowledge, she's only 2 months old. Getting straight to my objective of this post is.. About a week later, Minnie's pood was whitish with some blood.. my fren got worried and called Fatty Paws, who in turn told her NOT to bring Minnie to see a vet, citing it's normal because of the deworm process and to wait for a few days first. If not, bring Minnie back to them instead. But my fren wanted to at least know what's wrong with Minnie.. so she brought Minnie to a nearby vet to have a check. Here's the 1st surprise... Vet asked for Minnie's actual birth date, and the date that Fatty Paws eventually gave my fren, Minnie is actually less than 2 months old!!!! First sign of Dishonesty! 2nd surprise... Minnie had parvo virus. A virus that we are not familiar with. Though Vet said it's common among dogs but as Minnie is still very young, her immune system is still weak and may not survive it. Upon searching for more info online, we found out that canine parvovirus is a HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS virus that can affect all dogs, but unvaccinated dogs and puppies younger than four months old are the most at risk. Vaccination and good hygiene are critical components of prevention. (Source:…/canine-parvovirus.aspx) So can you imagine how many dogs may be also infected by this deadly virus in Fatty Paws and yet they are still selling them?! Second sign of Dishonesty! CAUTION: To those that bring their dogs for grooming or purchase your dogs recently from Fatty paws, you may want to monitor your dogs closely for any Parvovirus symptoms. Fatty Paws took back Minnie and told my fren that he will treat her but refuse to disclose the vet he is bringing her n didn't allow her to visit Minnie. Two days later, he simply declared that Minnie cannot make it and my fren can get another puppy but she refused because honestly, you do not know how many puppies that they have are infected! We are also very concerned what happened to Minnie???? A Parvo treatment can cost thousands of dollars depending on individual puppies (info from web) We cant help but wonder if Fatty Paws did even get Minnie the treatments she needs before declaring that she cant make it 2 days later! Fatty Paws actions were seriously suspicious! And 3rd surprise, we chanced upon a FB post, though dated in 2014, apparently someone also reported Fatty Paws for selling poor health puppy! And AVA was aware of it too! 3 years now.. it seems like Fatty Paws is still selling poor health puppy and also lying about the puppy's age all in the name of $$$$$!!!! Why are they still in business?! Im utterly disgusted with Fatty Paws! As a pet shop and supposedly dog lovers (if not why open a pet shop?), Fatty Paws actually have such low regards and love for dogs & their well-being! Clearly it's just a dollar and cents for them! How can we trust them? Is this their meaning of "high-quality, selective, best, choice, premium, exclusive" as stated on their FB page??

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