Dear Editors,

WTH, my credit card kana fraud transactions! I will defintely boycott Uber now! Please share to alert friends. I tried to remove my cc details in uber app but unable to. Their app die die also must have a credit card detail. Ask your friends to call bank to see if can replace card with another cc number.

I have called my bank and they will do necessary and replace my card with new numbers. I have also lodged a Police Report. Just beware.

It seems to be Uber anyhow charge I have not use uber as i got my own car. I did enter my cc details into uber app before when i first download the app early last year. So far i only took 1 ride in sept last yr from punggol to airport in their 6 seater as went for holiday trip with family. From then, i have nv taken uber at all

All these charges seem to be incurred in malaysia. But i have nv use my this hsbc credit card at all in malaysia too. As i only use cards from maybank or cimb when i travel to malaysia

Alex Lee
A.S.S. Contributor

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