This is a vlog of a Brit woman (“The Vintage Vision”) who followed her boyfriend to live in Singapore – (“What’s It Like To Live in Singapore

In the video from 3:35-4:36, she tells the world how easy it is for a foreigner like her:
1. To get a job within TWO months of coming to Singapore without any prior preparations (when well-qualified Singaporeans are being unemployed and can’t find a job even after 1 year!!!) “pretty easily”;

2. To come to Singapore as a tourist on a tourist visa and then sneakily apply for a job;

3. To get a job even without a degree (“not absolutely necessary”, as long as you have experience) – Is this some alternate universe??!;

4. To get someone to sponsor you for the EP even though you have no qualifications, and you had no job lined up before coming; and

5. To tag along with a boyfriend, not even a spouse, to gain a wonderful new life in Singapore without much effort or merit…when millions of other Singaporeans are suffering and barely able to survive.

Check out also all the comments on her vid about people who are interested in doing the same, and the advice she’s giving them! She has 44,000 subscribers, and is even earning a lot of revenue from local companies Shopback etc.

What is this…??? Hope you can highlight these flagrant abuses of the immigration system and the rubbish that’s going on every day in our country.. TWO laws – one for Singaporeans and one for white people.

A.S.S. Contributor

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