I am a taxi driver and would like to share that I have got mixed feelings about taxis companies going towards surge pricing just like uber and grab.

I have driven uber for 6 months before joining back as a taxi driver and would like to share that the surge pricing aka fixed price is very one sided, especially during peak hours, it’s only benefitting together passengers and not drivers. Reason being is very simple, the reason why I quit uber was because ever since uber changed its fares to fixed upfront fares, I find that I am actually earning lesser than previously when uber uses the distance fare aka “metered fare” structure.

Despite having incentives from uber, I have been taking lesser income even
with the incentives, reason being, because it’s fixed rates and when we come
across traffic jams and traffic lights, the fare is stagnant and the I can
easy complete another trip with the time taken to do that 1 trip. Unlike,
meters fare, it does somehow or rather compensate time wastage, this taxi
surge pricing is only worth it when the surge is high, for example, 2.0x and
above or like what comfort says, a peak hour trip in the evening just from
Ang Mo Kio to Orchard can easily cost $20 or even more, otherwise it’s really
not worth it.

I suggest that instead of having such surge pricing or childish move, why
can’t taxi companies or grab and uber gives incentives to taxi drivers just
like their car drivers? Taxi companies now invested so much in technologies
that are equipped with GPS and could easily track us down, and also having to
pay so much for our rental, I think it’s time for them to work out some
attractive incentive schemes for cabbies like us. All these while, even
before uber and grab’s dominance, we have been victims of taxi companies
money mindedness as our rental keep increasing.

What do you think?

A.S.S. Contributor

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