Parents arriving at Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School (KCPPS) found themselves confronted by a sign which told them in bold to “turn around and leave”.

The school says that this is to prevent parents from trying to deliver forgotten items such as water bottles, textbooks or money to their children in school.

The sign reads: “Let your child grow up. Your child will learn to solve problems and take responsibility for the consequences in your absence.”

Parents who turn up are directed to the general office, where they will be told to leave.

The principal of KCPPS told reporters: “Taking responsibility for their own learning and belongings is an important life skill we require our pupils to learn as part of our values education and is in alignment with one of our school values, self-discipline. As parental involvement is critical in this endeavour, the school had sought parents’ cooperation to refrain from delivering forgotten items and homework for their children as part of the learning process.

“The sign was put up to serve as a visual reminder for parents to partner the school in this effort.”

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