Dr Khairudin Aljunied has been suspended from his duties at NUS following the launch of internal investigations into his “purported comments made in relation to sensitive remarks about Christians and Jews allegedly made by a religious leader”.

On 24 February, a video of an imam from Chulia Mosque was posted online, which showed the imam using the Arabic word “fanswurna” when he spoke about Christians and Jews to his congregation. In Arabic, the term might be interpreted to mean “to overcome” or “to grant victory over”.

The video gained traction quickly, and Dr Khairudin weighed in on the issue by expressing his thoughts in the form of a dialogue between an imam and a “silly convert”. Dr Khairudin felt that the convert was stupid for being offended over the remarks by the imam.

“As part of due process, NUS will launch an internal investigation into Assoc Prof Khairudin’s involvement in this incident. Assoc Prof Khairudin will continue to be paid his full salary during his suspension,” the university said.

This follows Home Affairs minister K Shanmugam’s remarks that all parties involved in the video would be investigated, including the individual who uploaded the video.

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