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Scarce Public Data Revealed That The Number of Companies in Singapore that discriminated against Singaporeans, hired more Foreigners than Singaporeans and judged by the Ministry of Manpower for “not doing enough to hire and groom Singaporeans has grown to 250″………..

The 250 figure (correct as of February 2017) is a shocking and sky-rocketed number since this figure was last announced publicly in August 2015 to be only 38.

The jump of 212 MORE companies that discriminated against Singaporeans grew by 6.58 times over a short period of 18 months.

The 658% spike of number of firms discriminating against hiring Singaporeans jumped despite numerous pre-elections and post-elections promises made by the current PAP Government under Lee Hsien Loong to take care of Singaporeans and create better jobs for Singaporeans.

Pre-General Elections News Release : 38 Companies “for not doing enough to hire and groom Singaporeans ” (August 2015)

Post-General Elections News Release : 250 Companies “for not doing enough to hire and groom Singaporeans” (February 2017)

PS: And the discriminating hiring practices of these 250 companies were thoroughly checked and vetted before public release by MoM.

How about those not thoroughly checked and vetted yet?

How many are those out there that are undetected by MoM in Singapore today?


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