Singapore’s Attorney Generals Chambers announced that they would not appeal against the 4 year jail sentence for convicted pedophile Joshua Robinson even though there is public disquiet over the perceived lenient sentence. An online petition gained 27,000 signatories and branded the sentence unacceptable and intolerable.

AGC clarified that Robinson did not commit sexual assault and both victims (15 years old) had consented to the sexual acts and were above 14 years old, the cut off age for statutory rape. If Robinsons’ victims were under the age of 14, he would have been charged for statutory rape and caning would have been administered.

AGC also took into account Robinsons’ decision to plead guilty and not claim trial which would have required his 3 victims to testify and be cross-examined in Court which would add further trauma to his victims.

AGC reiterated that in discharging its duties, it did not discriminate between Singaporeans and Foreigners and this sentence was in line with other case precedents. It did mention that it was looking to discuss with the Ministry of Law to explore if the relevant laws should be reviewed to enhance punishments for some offences.

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