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The relief teacher who was caught in the viral video of her hurling vulgarities at a student is now reportedly no longer employed by the secondary school. This was the expected outcome of the incident.

Young and inexperienced teacher not able to handle students who are not exactly angels, starts hurling back vulgarities after student used vulgarities on her, gets caught on video by another student. Said student uploads video for the whole world to see. Teacher vilified online by everyone, gets shamed and school came out and announced teacher was a relief, was inexperienced and now, no longer employed by the school.

Is there no other way to deal with this? The relief teacher made a huge mistake, and it was unfortunate that her mistake was caught on camera for everyone to see. So school cuts her off just like that, without giving the teacher a second chance at redemption. After all, didn’t you just said the teacher was young and inexperienced? If she cannot learn from this, and given a chance to correct things, how can you expect the teacher to gain experience? She might even give up teaching altogether.

If it was the student caught hurling vulgarities at a staff of the school, would the student be expelled too? Or counselled? Shouldn’t the young and inexperienced relief teacher be afforded the same chance?

Yasminne Chen

A.S.S. Contributor

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