Dear A.S.S. Editor

Note with amusement on how the media is reporting on Minister Shanmugam’s comments about that Monster Joshua Robinson case. In the media reports, it is said that there is an online disquiet on the issue, as the sentence and the crime does not seem to be enough.

Seriously, disquiet? What we have is an uproar! What kind of monster who preys on innocent young children, destroys their lives, and yet gets only 4 years in jail with no canning? This is no disquiet! But wait, did Minister Shanmugam himself said disquiet? What?! Dear Minister sir, disquiet is when we are not happy over our monthly paychecks, as compared to yours. Uproar is when almost the whole Singapore online community is up in arms at this sentencing meted out this Monster. Hardly enough for the crimes he committed.

So please, choose your words carefully. It is not like we are asking you to hurl vulgarities and smearing other’s good names.

Andrea Ying

A.S.S. Contributor

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