A famous local artist has urged Singaporeans to sign a physical petition paper at the well-known Sungei Road Thieves Market to help save it from eviction at the hands of the government.

Sungei Road Thieves Market is located along Pasar Lane, Larut Road and Pitt Street. The historically and culturally significant flea market boasts a huge array of second hand goods for bargain hunters and tourists alike.

Although the market has survived several attempts by the authorities to clear out the area, plans drawn up in 2011 to build the Sungei Road MRT station on the site will likely spell the end of this piece of Singapore heritage.

A group of concerned Singaporeans have set up a petition to call for the preservation of the market on the basis of its historical value to Singaporeans.

As one local artist and activist Sonny Liew writes online: “The Market is a unique part of Singapore’s history and culture, but the authorities appear to have rebuffed all efforts at preservation and negotiation. (And the idea in some circles that the vendors should sell their wares online instead is just very silly.)”

Will you support the petition to save Sungei Road Thieves Market?

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