A reader shared this post with us.

It was a day of heavy rain and we saw a taxi parked at the drop-off point of the sheltered walkway of our block.

This man was leaning against his taxi , smoking and looking at our car, refusing to budge. After we waited a while, the taxi did move forward but only a little. When I got down from the car with my 13 months old baby, he said that my baby was sick. Anyone who is a parent would know that when kids are sick, the last thing they would wanna do is sleep. My child was actually napping on my shoulder.

It was ridiculous to suggest that my child was sick.

First this man was not only inconsiderate, he also insulted us and thereafter hurled vulgarities and challenged us to come down from the car and fight him.

Seriously, how can we let someone who does not have the right frame of mind to drive on our roads, hog the drop-off points meant for drop off only and have such awful attitude as a taxi driver?

This coward drove off after we waited for the police to come because he wanted to earn a living.

Let’s share this incident to make him famous.

PS: We have reported him to the police and LTA.


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