Dear A.S.S. Editor

In Parliament today, the Ministry of Manpower reported that they took action against 50 companies for not giving Singaporeans a fair chance when hiring. The 50 companies were taken to task by MOM, which included 500 employment passes applied by the companies to be rejected.

Good that the government are finally taking steps to prevent Singaporean workers being marginalized in their own country. We are Singapore, and Singaporeans should take care of Singaporeans. However, am very sure that they may be more than 50 companies doing this. The MOM would just have to carry on flushing out these errant companies, make sure they give Singaporeans a fair chance of getting jobs in their own country.

This issue is not the FT’s fault, but of nothing done to stop these companies, soon, Singapore will be overrun by foreign workers in the labour force.

S T Lee

A.S.S. Contributor

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