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“Dunno which bastard who have done to my kitten that only stay with me for less den 4 mths and he is such a lovely one. Can everyone friends help me to share this issue and alert all friends outside and see if anyone witness a murder of my kitten.

He was found dead Friday early morning at 4.30am on the ground floor and I am staying in the 15 floor. I have been crying all day till now and I really miss him so much. Please help me guys and I really want this person jailed for killing my cat.

Some ppl thinking that maybe he fell from 15 floor to lvl 1 but it cannot be as we put a collar with a pendant that comes with his name polar and our contact number too. But I couldn’t find his collar from the first floor back to 15 floor.

Please help me share this issue and I want to alert ppl who is staying at Henderson block 93. I want to catch the person who have did this to my lovely son.

R.I.P my son. Love u forever and no one can replace u in my heart.”

Jerriek Chen

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