Despite repeated advisories by a local cat welfare society, some pet owners are still reluctant to install wire mesh or other protective layerings around their home windows. The result has been a never ending series of cat deaths when these pets fall out of their high rise flats.

According to cat welfare group Team Mira, their volunteers have come across yet another unfortunate feline who fell from height. The animal suffered internal injuries, multiple broken bones and died shortly after.

Team Mira wrote on their Facebook: “It is no longer a matter of ignorance but irresponsible ownership. Many believe their cats are so smart that they would never jump. Every week we have at least a case of such death in Yishun.”

“Such horrible death can be prevented. Yes it does take effort to do what is necessary but if you love your cats you do more than just providing food and shelter. You need to protect them from lurking danger. Curiosity kills a cat. Don’t lament only after it has happened. Prevent it from happening is your responsibility!”

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