A taxi driver caused a scene at the A&E taxi stand at about 12.30AM yesterday, arguing with nurses and threatening to lodge complaints if they did not accede to his demands.

According to an eye witness, elderly patients had left behind a mess of body fluids after vomiting at the back of his taxi. Visibly upset, he demanded that the nurses clean up the vomit at the back of his vehicle.

Initially, the nursing staff refused because this was not part of proper procedure. However, the man continued to cause a scene and a senior staff was sent to handle the angry taxi driver. As part of a compromise, the senior nurse offer to give the taxi driver some cleaning material to wipe his taxi, which seemed to appease the man.

One netizen, Khairul Nizam MD Yusop, also posted a video of the incident.

See the video here:

Read his full account here.

“At CGH A&E Taxi Stand, 4th Mar 2017, 0030hrs. As a taxi driver, if u dont want to fetch patients from the hospital, then dont even drive in. Simply alight passengers then drive off. U should know very well that sometimes patients leave behind vommits, blood and even shits. Wanna get a clean passengers, go to the airports. Simply pity the 2 old malay couples that was chased away by the unhuman behaviour of the taxi driver.”

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