A food for thought. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has always withhold a good branding and reputation in the eyes of local consumers.

Comparing to other competitors, coffee bean is not branded based on a “take away” culture. Hence, giving customers the comfort to consume their food & beverages in house.

HOWEVER, I think I speak for the large volumes of customers made up of students that are heavy and regular patrons. Yes, there is a common misconception that students are “hoggers”, who purchase a single drink and sits for hours. This aside, lets ask every typical Singaporean quick to judge and scrutinize, are these students Coffee Bean’s Customers as well? YES, a huge part of your market share comes from the sales of these same damn students that you treat with bias and disrespect.

Why is the cafe culture in Singapore with such scrutiny and bias?

Take a situational example, Customer A purchases 1 drink and sits for 5
hours. Customer Student B purchases 1 drink, 1 cake and sits for barely an
hour. Who is being chased out? Or asked to move to a less comfortable seat to
accommodate for another “customer”? You have your answer. Are seats allocated
to specific customer profiles? If yes, please label seats accordingly then.
Are students NOT CUSTOMERS?

Yes, there are students that hog seats for hours, but at the same time in
these hours, THEY SPEND LARGELY. (With the exception of the ones that really
hogs seats with a single drink for hours, screw them, be it students or not,
they are a group of people that are just inconsiderate) Regular customers
will know that not only “students” are hog-gers or Single drink patrons.
So Coffee Bean, please answer me?

Do you start chasing all customers that hog seats for a long time or just
“STUDENTS” which is often the case?
Simply, if one have paper and pen in front of them, they are considered
The main idea is that in a service oriented market, service staff should not
label and categorize their customers between STUDENTS and CUSTOMERS.

Why not, just ban studying in your cafe entirely if you treat “students” with
such disrespect & not “hoggers” as a whole.
I have no issues if service staff simply remind their hogging customers that
they have occupied the seat a long time during peak hour.

Please, for flying sakes, do not label only STUDENTS as hogging and
inconsiderately ask them to move like they are bloody cattle sheep that are
patronising freely.

Service standards should not be compromised with such misjudgement. It does
not mean that a student has less purchasing power, just because they are

Finally, how do you gauge and assess which customer should be asked to moved,
to make way for “Other customers”. Please enlighten me and define your “other

Coffee Bean Drinker
A.S.S. Contributor

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