in the information age Innovation is the best weapon, which makes me wonder if the government might have gotten the Safti City idea all wrong.

In case you are wondering Safti city will be a new training area for the SAF that is roughly the size of bishan, it will have MRT stations, bus interchanges shophouses and interconnected high rises buildings as well as a petrochemical complex with warehouses and container parks singapore land scarcity aside i think this place would be great for film makers.

Getting permits to film in singapore is not only troubling but sometimes unaffordable, ever wonder why you have never seen MRT stations in singapore films?

While i know the government will never invest $900 M just for film makers i implore the government to look at the space and try to maximise it’s use and open it up to local film makers in a joint venture with the SAF.

We can even produce a kick ass action series after all blowing up a car in an SAF training facility seems safer and more doable that to try blowing up one for the sake of filming anywhere els in singapore.

Having such an area open to film makers would greatly help our film industry to reach new heights!

After all if you are going to spend $900M maybe getting your film makers to help you earn some of it back in the frontline of box office sales might not be such a bad idea?

Ben Matchap
A.S.S. Contributor

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