i can prove to you that the pap’s so-called foreign talents are just using singapore citizenship as a stepping stone to bigger places like the us.

its been happening for many years.

whether they stay here for long or short term, they contribute their taxes, pay rental etc etc.

with 1 of them leaving, 2-3 more will come in to fill the gap.

long term objectives are still met.

I’m an Indian SPR who is also a graduate from NUS. Me and my spouse (another NUS graduate & Indian) have been granted SPR two years back. I’m working as a software engineer in Autodesk. We were married recently and we have also registered our marriage in Singapore. We will be applying for the Singaporean Citizenship. I have heard that, with Singaporean citizenship, its possible to get a H1B1 visa in the US. I’m awaiting a job offer in the US by end of this year. Any idea on how long is the processing period for the citizenship? The ICA website claims its 6 months to 2 years. I have heard from people saying it takes longer than that.
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