I have just graduated from NTU in the second week of December (Unofficially graduated after my Final Year Project Presentation). I have heard that the economic is very bad, and it will only get worst for the entire year of 2017. Hence, I spammed my job hunting, and engaging in many job agency to help me to land into a job (I literally just spammed all sorts of jobs, as I am worried that I may end up jobless for several months, so unfortunately a year long).

Eventually, I found and land into a job through job agency (I was VERY happy, as the Company is very well-known to people who are in my industry too). BUT, the first day I went to work, which was about 2 months ago, it felt like I was not in the right place (Company). The work environment and culture is SUPER different from school.

Everyone there is very individualistic and until today (Almost 2 months), I have not interact with other colleagues except my direct supervisor on just work-related issues that I am facing. There was no proper training given, all they did was just to pass me real work to do.

Have they forgotten I am freshly out of the school? I am not some elite that I could understand everything from head to toe just by passing me documents of the project. I was not given a work email address account, I used my personal email account for work for almost 1.5 months long. I am not given any access card (I have to knock on the door until someone opens the door for me, be it after visiting the toilet or early morning when I come for work). The feeling went worst when there was times (Quite often) that I was knocking at the door LOUDLY for a good 20 minutes for the next person to come and open the door so that I could follow into the office (When I entered the office, I saw there was other people inside the office, which she did not open the door for me, WHY?!).

I was the only local in the project excluding the person who is in-charge of the Project Manager (Who is only around for few hours per week, as he has multiple project sites to handle). I am also the only Chinese, there is no local, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc Chinese around at all. No local Malays or Indians too. I felt so outcast in that office (project).

But, this Company has a very good branding, and is very famous. I have consulted many people with regards to this issue.

I do not feel good everyday I go to work, but whenever I think of the ‘branding’ of the Company has which will definitely looks good on my CV if I have years of experience with the Company. I am very lost, very down and very depressed. I am just like a lost soul dreading to go work every single day.

What should I do? I tried to open myself up to them, but it seems that there is a transparent ‘wall’ in between me and all my colleagues in the project.

Surrounded by FTs
A.S.S. Contributor

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