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Second Minister for Defence, Ong Ye Kung, said in Parliament today that the new Cyber Security vocation in Mindef will be made up of highly trained individual with a high level of skills, and this vocation is comparable to the Commandos and Navel Divers!

Wah, this is no joking matter! Compared to the Commandos and Naval Divers, who are long thought of as the most elite soldiers around. And these elite cyber forces will number about 2,600. Men who possess cyber skills will be “rigorously selected and identified” before they are enlisted, Mr Ong said. This can be done through established local cyber competitions, camps and activities, as well as selection tests.

Ok, for those who cannot make it to Commandos and Naval Diving unit because of physical or racial limitations, then can consider aiming for the other elite force, the Cyber Security Forces! Not bad, now really can become a cyber warrior!

Rahman M

A.S.S. Contributor

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